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Understanding the Different Types of Fractures

Sticks and stones, the nursery rhyme assures us, break bones. However, most fractures result from accidents or falls, with some coming from overuse, bone conditions, or cancers. Fractures are grouped in several classes, according to type.

Nov 19th, 2020
Getting Back to Normal After a Polytraumatic Injury

Violent accidents, injuries, or assaults can damage your body in more than just one way, a type of injury called polytraumatic. Depending on your combination of injuries, your treatment and recovery could be challenging and lengthy.

Sep 3rd, 2020
Reasons You Might Need an Anterior Hip Replacement

Your hip is the largest ball and socket joint in the body, requiring a major incision for replacement surgery. Anterior approaches minimize damage to surrounding tissue, leading to faster recovery.

Aug 13th, 2020
Why Do I Need an Osteotomy?

Joint problems sometimes develop right from birth, long before the wear and tear of osteoarthritis begins. A preventive procedure called osteotomy realigns the bones where they connect to joints. Here’s why you might need one.

Jun 10th, 2020
What is Polytrauma?

In a violent confrontation or accident, injuries can add up quickly. The medical world uses the term “polytrauma” when describing multiple injuries to your body. Polytrauma identifies a patient in serious and possibly life-threatening conditions.

May 6th, 2020
Fracture After Total Hip Replacement

While pain-free living is the best part of a total hip replacement, your joint remains vulnerable to injury due to falls or accidents. When the bone breaks around a hip prosthesis, you have a serious condition that likely requires surgery to fix.

Mar 16th, 2020
Correcting Your Poorly Healed Fracture

Though it’s rare for bones to not heal after medical treatment, it does happen occasionally. Your bone may be slow to heal, it could mend out of alignment, or it may not rejoin at all. There are treatments for poorly healed fractures.

Apr 14th, 2020