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If you suffer from pain related to a bone disorder or a poorly healed fracture, consider an osteotomy, a corrective surgery to fix misaligned bones. At his practice in the Westwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, orthopaedic trauma specialist Eric E. Johnson, MD, offers osteotomy services for countless orthopaedic ailments. Dr. Johnson approaches every surgical procedure with experience, precision, and advanced surgical techniques. For osteotomy, there’s no better physician. To get started today, contact Dr. Johnson online or over the phone.

Osteotomy Q & A

What is an osteotomy?

The term osteotomy refers to any surgical procedure that includes cutting through and reshaping the bone. Usually, the goal of an osteotomy is to fix a bone alignment issue that negatively impacts growth, movement, or some other aspect of everyday life.

During an osteotomy, an orthopaedic surgeon may reposition, remove, or add bone. Some of the conditions most commonly treated with an osteotomy include:

  • Bowleggedness from osteoarthritis damage
  • Misalignment that causes pain, especially of the knee or hip
  • Knee deformities
  • Hip dysplasia 

By taking the pressure off joints, an osteotomy can also facilitate the healing of damaged cartilage.

How does an osteotomy work?

Before your osteotomy procedure begins, Dr. Johnson makes sure that you’re anesthetized. He either puts you under general anesthesia, so you’re asleep for the whole operation or numbs you from the waist down.

Once you’re ready, Dr. Johnson accesses your affected bone by cutting directly over it. How he proceeds depends on the exact procedure he’s performing. 

For example, during an opening wedge osteotomy, Dr. Johnson cuts across the kneecap, creating a gap. He then fills the gap with bone graft and secures the knee’s new position with screws and a plate.

What is osteotomy recovery like?

The length and nature of your osteotomy recovery depends on the complexity of your procedure, the condition Dr. Johnson treats, the location of your procedure, and your overall health.

Some procedures are outpatient, meaning that you can go home and begin your recovery the same day as your surgery. Other procedures require that you spend some time recovering at the hospital. 

If you have surgery on your knee, for example, you’ll likely need crutches for at least two months. Physical therapy, which may last for up to six months, is also a part of most osteotomy recovery.

Bone surgery can be daunting, but with Dr. Johnson, you can feel confident. To schedule a consultation, call his practice, or use the online booking tool today.